and humanitarian aid for eastern Ukraine

14 884 peopleand 834 pets have been already evacuated.
63 096 families received humanitarian aid package

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We evacuate

We buy

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We buy fuel
and find cars

Every donated $14 is one life saved!

Why we do that?

We, Ukrainian volunteers, deliver humanitarian aid to eastern Ukraine and 
evacuate people 
from war zones.

Before the war, we used to be 210 people with different lives and goals — restaurateurs, photographers, IT entrepreneurs, actors, teachers, investors. Now, our lives have been put on hold, but when we get them back, we’ll be stronger and happier than ever.

Right now, Ukraine is facing a humanitarian catastrophe. Eastern Ukraine is one of its hot spots.

While soldiers are fighting occupants and defending Ukraine’s freedom, civilians are stuck in the war zone with no chance to leave their hometowns due to constant bombing and shooting.

Every dollar matters. Please help us to save as many lives as possible.

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