Are pets allowed?

Of course, they are family members. If it’s a large dog, a muzzle, please.

How much does evacuation cost?

It’s completely free.

How many things can I take with me?

Hand luggage: backpack, small bag. There won’t be room for a large suitcase.

Can I be picked up directly from home?

We’re still working on that. Now we can only pick you up from the area of Kholodna Gora and Saltivka. We’ll give you the phone numbers of cab drivers, we’ll help you.

Can I be picked up somewhere else on the road?

Unfortunately, no. For safety reasons, the bus leaves from point A to point B without stopping.

Can I ride in a convoy with you in my car?

No. For safety reasons, we do not accompany other cars.

I have nowhere to go in Poltava and Dnipro. What to do?

We will provide contacts of verified volunteers who can help you find housing in these cities or move to others. Our mission is to get you out of the war zone.

You are bringing humanitarian aid to Kharkiv. Can I count on cereals, vegetable oil, canned food?

We take to warehouses, they deliver from there. In Kharkov there are 35+ points of distribution of humanitarian aid, Google will tell you the address. There’s also a telegram bot: @kharkov_help_bot

Do you bring fruit and diapers to Kharkiv?

Diapers and baby food – yes. Fruits – no, we only carry long shelf-life products.

What route are you taking from Kharkov to Poltava?

For safety reasons, we don’t disclose the route, we drive without stops. To reserve a seat, fill out the form by the link on home page.

When do the buses leave for Poltava and Dnipro?

Every day. To get the details – fill out the form, our care worker will contact you.

Can you evacuate from the village near Kharkiv or other villages?

Only from Kharkiv, so far. We are working on making it possible to travel from outside the city.

We need to take some more things away from Kharkiv. Can you help?

Unfortunately, no. But you can ask those who are still in the city to take your things.

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